The ODataLib Dependency Issues in the Storage Client Library for .NET are Now Resolved

March 26, 2013 — 1 Comment


Its Finally Here!

On March 20th 2013 the Windows Azure Storage Client Library reached version With this new version came a few important changes, one of which I was desperately waiting for, the ODataLib dependency issues have finally been resolved.

The ODataLib dependencies in the Storage Client Library for .NET are now resolved through the ODataLib (version 5.0.2) packages available through NuGet and not through WCF Data Services.  You can download the ODataLib libraries directly from CodePlex or reference them in your code project through NuGet. The specific ODataLib packages are : Microsoft.Data.Edm, Microsoft.Data.OData, and System.Spatial.

Another important addition is the OperationContext class

An OperationContext class, which provides you an optional source of diagnostic information about how an operation is executing. One common piece of feedback we received was that it’s too difficult to know what happened “under the covers” when making a call to the storage service. How many retries were there? What were the error codes? The OperationContext class provides rich debugging information, real-time status events for parallel and complex actions, and extension points, which gives you the ability to customize requests or enable end to end client tracing.

Quotes are from What’s New in Storage Client Library for .NET (version 2.0)

Now I Wish

Now that this issue has been resolved. I wish that the conflict between the framework and the ODataLib, that occurs when I add a new OData Service Reference through Visual Studio using the “Add Service Reference” project menu item, would also get fixed.

Fixing this conflict isn’t complicated though. All you have to do, is go into your project’s references and remove ‘System.Data.Services.Client’ leaving ‘Microsoft.Data.OData’  which is compatible with the Windows Azure Storage Client Library and most of the other libraries found on Nuget.

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