Saving Microsoft ARM Templates as JSON files on disk

If you are creating a brand new environment on Azure, you should be using Windows PowerShell and Resource Manager. Instead of creating and managing individual resources, use a template (resource model) to create a resource group that has the resources need to support your service. You can create your own templates or pick a template from the gallery.

If you’re starting off with the Azure Resource Manager (ARM), I recommend taking a look at what others have published. Then modify them to create a resource model that represents your service.

The following code will download the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates that are published and maintained by Microsoft.

Switch-AzureMode -Name AzureResourceManager
New-Item -path 'C:\Azure\Templates\' -type directory -Force

$microsoftTemplates = Get-AzureResourceGroupGalleryTemplate -Publisher 'Microsoft'
foreach ($item in $microsoftTemplates)
    $identity = $item.'Identity'
    Save-AzureResourceGroupGalleryTemplate -Identity $identity `
             -Path C:\Azure\Templates\ `
             -Force `

NB: be sure that ‘C:\Azure\Templates\’ exists before running this script.

This list is growing fast. Microsoft is adding new features on a regular basis. And there’s no better way to learn, than to look at what’s already out there.

Next Steps

To learn more about using Windows PowerShell with Resource Manager:

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    This API is now deprecated. Replacement is not yet released but workaround scripts are available here:


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