A Little Known Fact

For the longest time, I like many others, thought that I could only charge my Surface Book if the screen (clipboard) was connected to the keyboard. It turns out, that I was wrong.

A colleague of mine told me that the power cord snaps to the keyboard and to the screen. It took me a moment to process this. I even asked him to repeat this a second time, because I couldn’t believe my ears… I had completely dismissed the thought that this was possible, because of an early product review. This review had stated the exact opposite…

This little-known fact has definitely made my day. And has unquestionably changed the way that I will work with my Surface Book.

This is at your own risk! Remember, this is me tinkering with my toys.

Having understood that I had to test stuff out of myself, I decided to hook it up to a Surface Dock that drives a 28-inch 4K monitor and a whole bunch of USB devices.


This is definitely very cool. Although, the device isn’t meant to be used this way, and since it’s easy to break the connection. I think I’ll stick to the power cord for the clipboard and use the keyboard with the Surface Dock.

I’ve been using my Surface Book since late October 2015, and like many of you, I definitely love working with it. I’m a developer and I dabble in photography, whether it’s for coding, building, deploying or playing with photography software, the Surface Book is just awesome!

When I need more power… I turn to Azure =)

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