Azure Cloud Shell is Awesome!

At Build 2017 Microsoft announced the Azure Cloud Shell. This is actually really cool! Check out how easy it is to use Azure CLI 2.0 to create a new storage account and get its Connection String.

# if you have more than one Azure Subscription
az account list

# make sure you are working the right subscription
az account set --subscription ‘MSDN MVP’

# create a Resource Group
az group create --name demo --location canadaeast

# create a new storage account
az storage account create  --resource-group demo --location canadaeast --name gabdemosa --sku Standard_LRS --kind Storage

# get the Connection String
az storage account show-connection-string --resource-group demo --name gabdemosa

Using CLI allows us to quickly get things done, without having to navigate a multitude of screens.

What is it?

An authenticated, browser-based shell experience that’s hosted in the cloud and accessible from virtually anywhere. Azure Cloud Shell is assigned per unique user account and is automatically authenticated with each session. Combined with Azure portal’s familiar GUI experience, Cloud Shell adds the power and flexibility of using an authenticated shell experience.

Why Should I Pay Attention?

Microsoft routinely maintains and updates Cloud Shell, which comes equipped with commonly used CLI tools, including Linux shell interpreters, Azure tools, text editors, source control, build tools, container tools, database tools, and more. It attaches an Azure file share to persist the $Home directory. On first use, we are prompted to create a file share to persist files across sessions, and it will automatically re-attach it for subsequent sessions.

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