About Alexandre

My name is Alexandre. I’m a programmer, and I work at Microsoft. I code, write, speak, listen, ask and learn about how we can make our lives better through the use of technology. I enjoy helping you create new opportunities by leveraging ongoing initiatives. Agility and the will to accomplish something great, coupled with making informed decisions set us up for success. Together, we can work on development, operational and architectural aspects of your Microsoft Azure solutions.

Prior to joining Microsoft, I was part of the Azure Most Valuable Professionals (MVP), Insiders and Advisors. I’ve had the pleasure to work in various environments and on projects of all sizes. My passion for development and my curiosity has driven me contribute back to the community by blogging and sharing about my real-world experience. I promote and contribute to the continuous improvement of patterns and practices. Through the use of agile practices, I encourage teams to care about what they contribute.

Sharing is caring. The fast pace evolution of the cloud has become a challenge in itself. We want more, faster, and we’re getting it. We want more, faster, and we’re getting it. Keeping up with everything is next to impossible. That’s why I continuously try to find new ways to make it manageable through interesting approaches like Apps, Services and Bots.

Remember, this blog, its content and opinions are my own.