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2013-06-23_14h26_25On Friday June 21st, the AGENT SDK v0.1.1 (June 2013, Preview Release) was released. On Thursday June 20th I backed the “AGENT: The World’s Smartest Watch” Kickstarter project. Not being able to wait for the watch to arrive to start coding, I started to play around with Visual Studio 2012, the AGENT Emulator and the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework.

To be honest, I have experience with various flavors of .Net, but I never took the time to explore the .NET Micro Framework. The feeling I got when I started to play with it, was that it felt odd… I have the VAR but no Generics !?! No lambdas, no LINQ..

This is the moment I realized that I was working with a mix of .Net 2.0 style with a slight hint of .net 4.0.

I also had not worked with Bitmaps for a while so I pulled out a stack of paper and started mapping out my screen.

When you have 128px by 128px to work with, you have to ask your self some important questions like “What can I live without?” and “What should be on screen?

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