Public Speaking

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2014-11-29 @ Dev East Halifax
Cloud Camp Halifax 2014 (Microsoft DevCamps)

2014-09-22 @ MSDEVMTL
Working with Microsoft Azure Resources

2014-07-16 @ Helped ROW52 identify challenges and improvement opportunities in their Microsoft Azure solution.

2014-06-30 @ Pimp the Cloud
Webcast #10 – Parlons Microsoft Azure avec Alexandre Brisebois

2014-06-07 @ Communauté .NET Montréal
Azure Camp – Redux

2014-05-29 @ Canadian MVP Consumer Camp at the Microsoft Store located in Square One Shopping Centre, Mississauga

Was part of a group of Microsoft MVPs who were on site answering tech questions, showing off demos and the unique features of Microsoft devices.

2014-05-28 @ Helped a company identify research and development opportunities on Microsoft Azure

2014-05-10 @ Communauté .NET Montréal
Orleans – a “cloud native” runtime built for #azure

2014-03-17 @ Communauté .NET Montréal
Windows Azure SQL Database & Your Data

2014-03-12 @ Web Conference
Spoke with ScienceSoft about MVPs and Community involvement. Proposing ways for team members and employees to get involved with communities around Microsoft technologies

2014-02-08 to 2014-02-09 @ Startup Weekend Montreal
Was a Windows Azure Mentor during the event

2014-01-18 @ Communauté .NET Montréal
Azure Camp – Survol de la plateforme Azure

2013-09-25 @ Communauté .NET Montréal
Commençons l’année avec un 5 à 7 au pub l’Ile Noire

2013-09-16 @ Communauté .NET Montréal
Meeting Windows Azure – Survol des nombreuses nouveautés Azure sortis cet été

2013-07-10 @ Visual Studio Talk Show
Podcast: Alexandre Brisebois: Construire un API REST

2013-04-27 @ Microsoft Canada
Global Windows Azure Bootcamp – Montreal

2012-10-09 @ Communauté .NET Montréal
ALM: Les meilleurs pratiques pour faire des Tests CodedUI

2012-09-17 @ Communauté .NET Montréal
Meeting Architecture – REST en 10 points \ Comment créer un API REST avec VS

2011-02-07 @ Communauté .NET Montréal
Presented Entity Framework 4 CTP5

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