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Recently Microsoft released Windows Azure Media Services preview, which essentially is a Platform as a Service that empowers developers to build workflows for the creation, management, and distribution of media.

This post is a retrospective of my first experience with this new service.

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[2015/05/13] The code in this post has been updated to work with the “Windows Azure Storage 4.4.0-preview” NuGet package

Applying the ModelCommand pattern I was able to create a command that enables us to upload a serializable object as JSON and store it in an existing Blob Container.

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Commands can be complicated to test and reuse. In a previous post, I demonstrated how to build reusable testable Queries, in this series of posts I will show you how to build commands which can be tested and reused.

This small yet powerful interface can help you build commands which respect SOLID principles like the Single Responsibility Principal (SRP), the Open/Closed Principle (OCP) and the Dependency inversion principle (DIP).

public interface IModelCommand<in TModel>
    void Apply(TModel model);

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