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homer_simpson_clockA few weeks ago I wrote about using Quartz.Net to schedule jobs in Windows Azure Worker Roles. Since then I ran into a requirement that pushed me to create a wrapper around the Quartz.Net IScheduler. The JobSchedule has the responsibility of reading a schedule string from the CloudConfigurationManager and schedule a job.

The CloudConfigurationManager reads settings from the Role’s configuration file, which can be edited through the Windows Azure Management Portal under the configure section of your cloud services.

The following example will schedule a job which needs to be executed everyday at 6 AM, 8 AM, 10 AM, 12:30 PM and at 4:30 PM. The schedule is defined in the Role settings which can be edited through Visual Studio. To reach the Role settings, go to your Windows Azure Cloud Service project and find the desired Role configurations under the Role folder. Open the configuration editor by double clicking on the configuration file, then navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab. Click on ‘Add Setting’ and name the new setting ‘JobDailySchedule’ and set its value to 6:0;8:0;10:0;12:30;16:30;

The code from this Post is part of the Brisebois.WindowsAzure NuGet Package

To install Brisebois.WindowsAzure, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package Brisebois.WindowsAzure

Get more details about the Nuget Package.

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I was looking for a way to create Cron jobs in Worker Roles on Windows Azure and I found Quartz.Net. A Nuget package which is still being maintained as of January 2013. The documentation wasn’t great and was mostly out of date. Furthermore the API seems to have evolved quite a bit over time. The framework seems quite capable and very flexible. I’m barely using any of its potential at the moment! It has schedules and triggers, with a better understanding of its functionality, I would probably grant it more responsibility in my workflow.

The following is an example that demonstrates how I was able to successfully schedule jobs.

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