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imagesZHI8BPW2Azure is an amazing platform to work with! It creates interesting possibilities by offering a wide range of services that can be leveraged in order to produce exceptional end-user experiences.

Azure is built on commodity hardware and allows you to build elastic services that scale out in order to maintain a constant end-user experience. This is especially interesting when you want to start small and grow according to the demand for your services.

Enchanting as this may be, this is where many projects go wrong. Everything on the cloud has a price. On the cloud details matter! So choose the right architecture and be very cautious about the resources your application consumes.

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In this blog post, I will be looking at the different flavors of SQL Database on Windows Azure and their alternatives.

Beware, you may be surprised by some of the numbers in this blog post!

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When we move applications to the cloud, there are a few questions that absolutely need our attention. One of these questions comes down to database design. Do you really need all that data in your SQL Database?

The cloud provides many storage alternatives to SQL Database. Surprisingly, many of them can offer a noticeable performance boost. These alternatives offer low cost solutions that are scalable, available, durable, secure and if used properly they can drastically improve the global end user experience!

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