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Getting to Know Azure Mobile App Cont.

Microsoft Azure Mobile App has recently gone GA (General Availability) and has definitely captured my attention. Mobile App is a tremendous accelerator that enables us to go from an idea to a functional prototype quickly. Then, we can continue to build on that initial investment to create a robust production ready app. Finally, this post is all about using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to build and publish apps to HockeyApp, so that we can test and assess quality before our apps make it to our favorite app Stores.

So far, we’re using Template10 to build a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Mobile App and we’re using Microsoft Account as an Identity Provider (IDP). This all got built using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and distributed to testers using HockeyApp.

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s build something.

Working with Data

As previously mentioned, Azure Mobile App is an accelerator and the goal of this post is to walk through the pieces that allow us to Create, Read, Update and soft Delete (a.k.a. CRUD) data from an Azure SQL Database. Continue Reading…


A few months back I wrote a post entitled “The ODataLib Dependency Issues in the Storage Client Library for .NET are Now Resolved”. In this post I was stating the fact that the dependency issues has been resolved.

Today I decided to experiment with this, because by fear of more problems, I’ve been restraining myself from upgrading to the latest ODataLib NuGet packages.

The Windows Azure Storage NuGet package doesn’t have a good history of playing nice with the latest ODataLib NuGet package and this caused quite a few problems for my projects in the past.

So, I checked in all my code and gave it a go!
To my greatest surprise, nothing blew up!

Thanks to this new  Windows Azure Storage NuGet package I can finally work with all the latest NuGet packages used by my solution.

With this short post, I wanted to thank the Windows Azure team for fixing this bug. You guys made my day!

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Its Finally Here!

On March 20th 2013 the Windows Azure Storage Client Library reached version With this new version came a few important changes, one of which I was desperately waiting for, the ODataLib dependency issues have finally been resolved.

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