Archives For PodCasts


I’ve always been an avid Podcast consumer and I personally think that they’re a great way to stay up to date. These are some of the Podcasts I follow.

  • Canada Does Windows Azure [ feed ] – The host Jonathan Rozenblit is always on the search for stories of Canadian developers who have either built new applications using Windows Azure services or have migrated existing applications to Windows Azure. Canada Does Windows Azure shares their stories.
  • Microsoft Cloud Show [ feed ] – Whether you are new to the cloud, old hat or just starting to consider what the cloud can do for you this podshow is the place to find all the latest and greatest news and information on what’s going on in the cloud universe.  Join long time Microsoft aficionados and SharePoint experts Andrew Connell and Chris Johnson as they dissect the noise and distill it down, read between the lines and offer expert opinion on what is really going on.  Just the information … no marketing … no BS, just two dudes telling you how they see it.
  • Windows Azure Friday [ feed ] – Scott Hanselman sits down with the actual engineers who build Windows Azure on his journey to learn how to program the cloud. No marketing, no BS, just two engineers and a laptop in short manageable chunks. Join the conversation at
  • The Azure Podcast [ feed ] – Short podcasts on Windows Azure by Cale Teeter & Sujit D’Mello. Both senior consultants at Microsoft focused on AppDev in the cloud.

Are there any other Windows Azure Podcasts our there?