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Getting to Know Containers

Containers have sparked genuine interest over the last few years. As a developer, I’ve had my fair share of “It Works on My Machine” days, where I spent an interesting amount of my time trying to identify why my code doesn’t run in a given environment. Did I make a mistake? Did someone else make a mistake? Uncertainty, risk and the Human Factor definitely make for adrenaline packed all-nighters. Continue Reading…

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Going Back to One Screen

The Ctrl + Windows + Arrow Key hotkey has taken a lot of importance in my daily activities. I used to work with as many monitors as I could find. For a few months, I ran five screens, and one day I realized that it was too much. The first time I was struck by this realization, I was at a customer’s office working on complex optimizations that were required to reduce our Azure consumption. It turns out, that context switching is an expensive task for humans too. Continue Reading…