A Conference Room Hack

I have the privilege of visiting conference rooms of all sizes and configurations. One thing that I’ve been creatively pondering for the past few months, is a way for me to present from my Surface Book without being tethered to a desk.

The screen part of the Surface Book has a single port, unfortunately it’s not meant for an HDMI cable. This means that I could not connect to a projector or television without having the screen attached to its keyboard. Furthermore, many conference rooms are not equipped with WIDI or Miracast. So I was stuck…

So I bought a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and thought I finally had the answer. A few months went by and I rapidly understood that the adapter was awesome, but the most conference rooms had a dangling HDMI cable that I could not connect with the adapter. I needed to find a way to connect the adapter and the HDMI cable together. Searching amazon, ebay and finally bestbuy I found an adapter that allows me to finally build my rig.

Armed with a battery, that I regularly use for my phone, the wireless adapter and the HDMI cable adapter, I could break free from my tether!

The pieces


The battery is part of the rig, because I hardly ever find USB power sources close to HDMI cables. This hack is not limited to Surface Book, I actually use it to present from my Windows Phone. This way, I can walk to the front of the room and have an inviting discussion with my clipboard =)

How do you untether during presentations?

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