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How do You Version Packages?

This topic seems to come up regularly. And is usually a friction point for teams because many of us do this differently. In an attempt to standardize versioning and to remove this undesired friction I decided to promote Semantic Versioning ( Continue Reading…


A few months back I wrote a post entitled “The ODataLib Dependency Issues in the Storage Client Library for .NET are Now Resolved”. In this post I was stating the fact that the dependency issues has been resolved.

Today I decided to experiment with this, because by fear of more problems, I’ve been restraining myself from upgrading to the latest ODataLib NuGet packages.

The Windows Azure Storage NuGet package doesn’t have a good history of playing nice with the latest ODataLib NuGet package and this caused quite a few problems for my projects in the past.

So, I checked in all my code and gave it a go!
To my greatest surprise, nothing blew up!

Thanks to this new  Windows Azure Storage NuGet package I can finally work with all the latest NuGet packages used by my solution.

With this short post, I wanted to thank the Windows Azure team for fixing this bug. You guys made my day!

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I have decided to centralize my code  on GitHub. As of today, you can find the code from my Windows Azure posts, bundled in Brisebois.WindowsAzure.

I also packaged my code and made it available through 

To install Brisebois.WindowsAzure, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package Brisebois.WindowsAzure

Issues can be logged on GitHub

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I was looking for a way to create Cron jobs in Worker Roles on Windows Azure and I found Quartz.Net. A Nuget package which is still being maintained as of January 2013. The documentation wasn’t great and was mostly out of date. Furthermore the API seems to have evolved quite a bit over time. The framework seems quite capable and very flexible. I’m barely using any of its potential at the moment! It has schedules and triggers, with a better understanding of its functionality, I would probably grant it more responsibility in my workflow.

The following is an example that demonstrates how I was able to successfully schedule jobs.

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